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ANNE VIEUX b. 1985



Anne Vieux is interested in the optics of the computer screen, and its implications on the perception of abstract painting. This concern is translated in her paintings through visual reverberations springing from the mistranslation and slips of scale that come with digital reproductions of material surfaces. Images of holographic, translucent or gradient paper are captured and manipulated digitally via layers of warping and repetition, then printed on microfiber fabric. As a final manipulation, touches of airbrushed acrylic paint are added.  This fusion of digital, photographic, and painterly procedures evokes but ultimately embraces the tension between physicality and intangibility.

Born in Michigan in 1985 and currently based in New York, Anne Vieux received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2012 and her BFA in Painting and Art History at the Kansas City Art Institute in 2009. Annka Kultys Gallery will host the artist’s first solo presentation in London in 2017.

Anne Vieux currently holds a residency at Mana Contemporary in New Jersey, one of the leading arts organisations in the United States, with outposts in Miami and Chicago.

Vieux’s work has been exhibited in solo shows at Good Weather Gallery, Little Rock, Arkansas; Cuevas & Tilleard, New York; and Stream Gallery, New York. Recent group exhibitions include: The Willows, New York; CES Gallery, Los Angeles; Regina Rex, New York; Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York; and Cranbrook Museum of Art, Michigan.

Her printed work has been included in the Met Library Collection and MoMa Library Collection.

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“Anne Vieux”

Mask, interview by Em Marshall

5 March 2017


“In and Out”


18 November 2016


“Small Talk with Anne Vieux”


3 November 2015



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